Born and raised in the Tyrolian Alps, nature has always been an important part of our lives. Whether it was climbing, running or mountain biking unspoiled nature is the best place of retreat.

For those reasons we insisted on creating an eco-friendly product. Since being sustainable includes distribution as well, we were looking for responsible solutions in every aspect of the product life cycle.

Regular sports apparel is made from synthetic textiles. Polyesters, Polyacrylics (nitriles) and Polyamides are among the most common. In order to retain the gears fit elastane is also added. This fabric will not rot in hundreds of years and only a very small percentage is being recycled the rest goes into the trash.

The problem is not just the disposal of the clothing but also its components that are release when washing them. Like all pieces of clothing, synthetic shirts lay off microscopic fibers to the water that travel thought sewage and treatment plants right back to our fields and crops. Therefore, recycling might not be the ultimate solution to these problems.

Natural fibers on the other side decompose and have no direct negative impact on the environment when being disposed. We combine cashmere and cotton in order to renounce chemical plasticizers and shape retaining additives like elastane. Our T-shirt does not contain any synthetic ingredients.
We also do not have a tag for care instructions. Instead we print them directly into our shirts.

Normally, paint for printing on T-shirts contains synthetics additives, since they are cheap and easy to print with.

This was no option for us because we want our shirts to be free from synthetics.
That’s why we found a solution using paint based on water which is imprinted onto our shirts using screen printing.

Packaging produces most of the trash in the fashion industry. We believe this has to change and companies should reduce packaging and start using natural materials.

To protect our shirts from moisture and dirt we pack them into decomposable organic-plastic bags, which decay in about 6 months. These bags go directly to our producer in Portugal to avoid repacking and creating more trash. The bag with your T-shirt is then shipped in a recycled cardboard envelope which can be recycled again. We only put your shirt and an instruction note, of course made from recycled paper and printed eco-friendly in your envelope. No air cushion foil or other materials are being used.

Our T-shirts are being produced the European Union in Portugal. So we can minimize transport routes and ensure fair wages and conditions for our workers.

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High-performance sport shirts made from 100% natural fibers. So you can be the GOAT.



Nature doesn’t need plastic, so why should we? That’s why we put our focus on sustainability and waste-reduction with plastic free production an distribution.


Enthusiasm for sport, nature and sustainability is what unites us. Get to know our origin and the story behind the shirt.