Alp Goat T-shirt – Men’s

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Your Alp Goat shirt is the perfect companion for all your adventures.
The mixture of 85% high-quality cotton and 15 % Mongolian premium cashmere is THE alternative to regular synthetic sport shirts.
Since we renounce plastics at production, printing and distribution nature will also be happy about every Alp Goat shirt sold.

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100% natural. The special combination 15% cashmere and 85% cotton is free of synthetic additives and pollutants. However, that was not enough for us. We minimized the use of plastic throughout the entire value chain and produced our shirts under fair conditions within the EU.

Softness. The material mix is ​​super-soft, gentle to the skin and gives a unique cuddly feel. Cashmere has 40% shorter fibers than merino wool and, due to its special properties, is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

Super light. We produce one of the lightest shirts on the market with on average less than 100g. This makes it about 70% lighter than normal cotton or plastic T-shirts.

Breathable. Our T-shirt is extremely breathable and regulates body temperature. The cashmere content also ensures that no bad odors develop and set in the fibers. Simply ventilate and the shirt is fresh again.

Fast drying. Alp Goat shirts dry up to 2 times faster than traditional cotton T-shirts. Moisture is actively released to the outside. Another extraordinary feature of cashmere and one of the reasons why we developed this material composition for our shirt.

Robust. Despite the lightness and soft feel of our T-shirt is very durable and sturdy. Also, the straps of backpacks or bags can do little to him. Alp Goats are just “all-rounders”!

Washing machine. If an Alp Goat shirt has to be washed, just put it in the machine at 30 ° C and our shirts will be fresh again. After that let it dry naturally in the fresh air.

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