Frequently Asked Questions

Your Content Goes HereIn order to become the (Alp) Goat (=greatest of all time) you’ll need to be the best whoever was at a certain activity or sports. For Men’s tennis it’s Roger Federer, Michael Jordan for Basketball. The easy way out is getting an Alp Goat T-shirt and joining the Alp Goat community – that definitely brings you a big step closer.

Cashmere is the world’s finest natural fiber. Its average thickness is 16.5 microns. (1 micron is one thousandth of a millimeter). Cashmere is 40% thinner than Merino Wool. That’s the reason why Cashmere feels so unbelievably soft on your skin and will not feel itchy, even for people who feel discomfort wearing merino wool. The softness is not cashmere’s only great characteristic. It also regulates the body temperature so you will always feel comfortable during your sports challenges and daily adventures.

Our shirts are made in the EU

We are working together with a company in Portugal which produces our Alp Goat Shirts. They are certified SED-TEX and OEKO-TEX.

15%  Mongolian cashmere and 85% cotton from Israel. 100% natural fabrics.

The weight of the shirt for men is under 100 Gramms. The weight of the shirts for woman is under 80 Gramms. The weight of an average cotton shirt is around 150 Gramms.

Of course you can. Just use the washing machine at warm and 30°C (85°F). Then your T-shirt will be ready for the next challenge.

The shirt has a tailored cut.

The measurements are in centimeters (shoulder-width, chest-width, body length-shoulder to hip):

S: 35/40/63
M: 36/42/65
L: 37/44/67
XL: 38/46/69

S: 38,5/46/71
M: 41,5/49/73
L: 44,5/52/75
XL: 47,5/55/77
XXL: 50,5/58/79

The measurements are in inches (shoulder-width, chest-width, body length-shoulder to hip):
S: 13,78/15,75/24,80
M: 14,17/16,54/25,59
L: 14,57/17,32/26,38
XL: 14,96/18,11/27,17

S: 15,16/18,11/27,95
M: 16,34/19,29/28,74
L: 17,52/20,47/29,53
XL: 18,70/21,65/30,32
XXL: 19,88/22,83/31,10

Every shirt is quality checked before it leaves the production facility. Your Alp Goat shirt will always stay in form, will you?