About us


We are connected by our passion for sports, nature and sustainability.
The “we” in Alp Goat are Bernhard, Manuel and Matthias – three childhood friends that set out to change the world.

Being best friends is all about caring for another, overcoming hardships as well as enjoying fortunes. Another very important aspect of our life is exercise: if it’s in the mountains, on a tennis court or a biking track, challenging our personal limits and being one with nature is our greatest passion.

The Idea

This desire led to the birth of Alp Goat in 2017. Athletic performance demands the right gear. Or society is developing towards a rapid use and dispose of goods with millions of tons of plastic trash endangering our planet. The sportswear industry is no exception, since their products are mostly made from synthetics like polyesters. “There must be a better way!”, and so three Tyrolians set forth to move mountains. After intensive research it became clear that we want to create a sports shirt that’s sustainable in production as well as print and distribution without the use of any synthetics. In November 2017 we finally gazed up our first prototype. To finance our endeavors we used the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter which led to an overwhelming success – Alp Goat became Austria’s most funded apparel Kickstarter campaign ever. The next milestone was shipping our first shirts to our customers and starting sale through our web shop. An important note for this whole process is that we exclusively use certified premium cotton and cashmere sourced from Mongolian cashmere goats.

More than a Brand name

The goat is not just a supplier of resources for our T-shirts, it has also inspired out brand name. Alp metaphorically stands for nature and the environment. Goat is not just describing the animal but also the acronym for “greatest of all time” that gained a lot of attention in the world of sports. Alp goat is not just a brand name, but a way of life: We share our passion for sports and the environment, hopefully you do too.


Our product

High-performance sport shirts made from 100% natural fibers. So you can be the GOAT.



Nature doesn’t need plastic, so why should we? That’s why we put our focus on sustainability and waste-reduction with plastic free production an distribution.


Enthusiasm for sport, nature and sustainability is what unites us. Get to know our origin and the story behind the shirt.